Xe88 Indonesia Agent

Xe88 agents are representatives of the main xe88 site who have been given full trust in serving members. Meanwhile, what is meant to help the member or player is to help players who want to register an XE88 account.

In fact, in addition to registering an account, the agent or dealer is useful for the process of replenishing balances or withdrawing money. And also, this agent himself will certainly help members who already have an account but are still having trouble when they want to play.

Xe88 Indonesia Agent

We as xe88 agents in Indonesia will guarantee you will not run out of games to play. And also, as we already know that this XE88 online slot game is the most interested in online gambling players in 2021.

With this, we, of course, online gambling agents situs judi online in Indonesia, have provided a xe88 provider that you can play for the Indonesian market. Meanwhile, being one of the providers of Indonesian online slots certainly makes Xe88 the most popular.

Xe88 itself is also a product that we have provided for a long time, you can even play it anytime. By using all existing devices, such as; PC, Laptop, Tablet, or Smartphone both Android and iOS.

With so many choices of games at Xe88, we are the agents of this game. Of course, we are sure that we will provide an impressive and unforgettable playing sensation for you.

In addition, all of you can also play games on xe88 using real money. So that the results of the wins you get from this game you can transfer to your account by making a withdrawal.

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Well, for those of you who want to play games on XE88 and don’t have an account/user ID yet. So, you can register for a xe88 account with our official agent in several ways that we Daftar Casino Online Indonesia provided below.

Register Xe88

To register for a Xe88 Indonesia account, of course you can do it easily with us. However, you need to know that in order to register an account on this online game you are thrilled to meet the main requirements.

Meanwhile, the main requirement to register for the account is that you must have a local Indonesian bank account, such as BCA, BRI, BNI, Mandiri, and CIMB Niaga. If you meet these main requirements, then you can start the registration process.

Well, as an official Xe88 agent in Indonesia, we are of course very trusted in serving players who want to play this game. And also, we together with HokiBet99 will certainly assist you in registering an account and even more.

Meanwhile, here are some ways to register an Xe88 account with our official Agents that you can follow.

How to Register Xe88 Indonesia Account

  1. Register directly on the main site of the official xe88 list agent in Indonesia, namely HokiBet99 on the www.HokiBet99.com site
  2. Register an account through the help of the  Customer Service (CS) team, an authorized Xe88 agent
  3. Confirm account registration through the official HokiBet99 Agent chat contact service

Those are some ways to register an xe88 account with us which of course you can follow. In addition, to make it easier for you who want to become a HokiBet99 member. So, you can also register an account by filling out the registration form below.

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The following is a guide in filling out the xe88 account list form above.

  • H/P Number  : please enter your mobile number which is still active and you are using
  • Account Owner Name : enter your full name as it appears in your local Bank Indonesia savings account book
  • Select Bank : please select the type of local bank you used to register
  • Account Number : enter your local bank account number
  • Your contacts : select the online chat contact service you use (such as WhatsApp, Line, WeChat, or Telegram)
  • Contacts  : enter your online chat contact ID or service number
  • Select Game : select the provider or game provider you want to play (for example, please select ‘ XE88 ‘ if you want to play games on XE88)

Please fill in the account registration form above using correct and valid data. After you have successfully filled everything, please check again that the data you entered is correct. Then, click ” SUBMIT “.

After that, please wait for a few moments, automatically less than 5 minutes you will receive a reply message in the form of  your Xe88 online casino account User ID  and  Password .

However, if you have waited a long time and have not received the reply message. So, please confirm your account registration to our official CS Agent team. The following is the official contact service for the official HokiBet99 agent CS team.