Types of Gambling Games: Profitable Gambling Games

In this day and age, many people take advantage of their free time by playing online games. Even though if you only play online games, of course it will only give you sheer pleasure. But what if you fill your free time by playing gambling games, of course it will make you more comfortable right? already have fun, you get money too. Moreover, there are many types of gambling games that you can play.

It is the desire of the people to earn more money that makes this gambling very popular. Especially now that there are so many online bookies that provide gambling games that you usually play. There are even gambling games that you have never seen in a casino.

want to know right? For this reason,  agen aduq this time we will discuss what types of gambling games are popular among the public and you can play at online bookies.

Types of Online Gambling Games

There are many gambling games in the world. But do you know why there are so many gambling games?

This is because there are so many enthusiasts in playing gambling. There are still bandar bola online people who need more money and the way out they use is to play gambling.

Here are the most popular gambling games.

Live Casino

Live casinos are the same as the casinos you usually find in cities. The only difference is where you play and how you transact. With a live casino, you no longer need to bother going to the casino and exchanging chips first. At a live casino, to transact, you only need to transfer money and your funds have been entered into your account. In this live casino there are also various games that you can play. Here’s a brief explanation.

  • Baccarat Baccarat is a game that uses decks of playing cards and you only need to compare the dealer’s cards with the player’s. So you just place a bet on who will win. Determination of winning will be calculated from the dealer’s and player’s cards, the card that has the closest number to 9.
  • Roulette This roulette game only uses a machine shaped like a bowl in which there will be a small ball that spins. How to play, you just need to determine the number where the small ball will stop. The numbers are up to 36.
  • Sic Bo This game uses 3 dice which will be shaken later. You only need to determine the number of 3 dice to be shuffled. Later at the betting table there are already various types of bets provided.
  • BlackJack This game is also very easy to play. Later you will be dealt 2 cards first, and you can add more cards. The most important thing is that the number of your cards cannot be more than 21. If the number of your cards is more than 21, then you are declared a loser.
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Poker / Domino Qiu Qiu / Capsa Susun / Ceme

This poker game is the most popular among Indonesians. This is because poker games do not rely too much on your luck, but your good playing skills will determine your victory. Meanwhile, if you play games like ceme and domino qiu qiu, luck is more in control of your victory.

The purpose of this game and capsa stacking is the same, namely to form the strongest possible card combination, because the player with the strongest card combination will be the winner. Don’t know what card combinations are used in poker and capsa stacking games? We will explain briefly below

Poker Card Combination

  • Royal Flush To form this royal flush you must have cards 10, J, Q, K, A with the same picture.
  • Straight Flush Almost similar to the royal flush, it’s just that this card combination does not have to have numbers 10, J, Q, K, A in sequence. But the picture should still be the same. For example like 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 with the same image.
  • Four of a kind A combination of 4 cards with the same number first and later will be combined with 1 original card (anything can be done)
  • Full house A combination of 3 cards of the same number with 2 cards of the same number.
  • Your flush must have 5 cards of the same suit, regardless of the number.
  • Straight If you have a flush you must have 5 cards with the same image, while your straight must have 5 cards in a row even though the images are different.
  • Three of a kind You must have 3 cards of the same number.
  • Double pair Or commonly called two pair is a combination of 2 pairs of cards. Each pair must have the same number. Example (2, 2) with (7, 7)
  • Pair Almost the same as two pairs, only this only requires a pair of cards with the same number.
  • High Card High card only requires 1 card with the largest number. This is the smallest order of card combinations in poker and capsa stacking games.
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If earlier, poker and capsa stacking had almost the same way of playing, this time there is domino qiu qiu and ceme. Domino qiu qiu and ceme are also almost the same, namely both looking for the number of cards close to number 9. The difference is that ceme uses 2 cards while qiu qiu uses 4 cards which are divided into 2 pairs.

Slot Games

This type of slot gambling game must be familiar to your ears. How to play it is not difficult at all. Even if you are a new gambling player, just by looking at it you can already know how to play. But maybe you don’t know how to calculate it.

You also don’t need any playing skills for this slot machine, because you only rely on your own luck to get the jackpot.

This slot game must also be in any casino. This is because the fans are also very much.

How to play, just pull the lever and the engine will spin. If you play on HP, then you only need to press the spin button.


Types of Games Sportsbook gambling is a type of gambling that provides bets for all types of sports. In this sportsbook there are many types of games provided, here are some types of sports that are in the sportsbook.

  • Football and Basketball In the sportsbook also provided a lot of ball matches. Even matches you never hear the name of the team.
  • Moto GP Usually what you know is that placing bets is only on football and basketball games. But sportsbooks provide bets for you moto GP lovers.
  • E-sport Have you ever placed a bet for online games such as dota 2 and CS Go. Here you can place bets for your favorite team
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There are many more types of sports games available in this sportsbook, such as boxing, badminton, rugby and others.

So you won’t be bored if you want to place the same bet. Because here there are many types of sports that you can bet on.


This lottery game is very easy, you just have to guess the numbers. The numbers that are guessed are not small, because you have to guess 4 numbers from 0000-9999. It is indeed a small chance for you to win, but if you manage to guess it, the payoff is very large.

To guess this number also varies, it doesn’t have to be 4 numbers either. You can also guess only 2 numbers, even guess 1 number. The following is a brief explanation of the types of bets in the lottery game.

  • Free Plug You only need to guess 1 number regardless of its position. It sounds easy, but the pay is very small.
  • Plug-in Just like plug-in free, you only need to guess 1 number. But you also have to guess the position. So you guess 1 number from 4 number positions.
  • 2D This bet asks you to guess 2 numbers out of 4 numbers. The payout for this bet is quite large.

Shoot Fish Online

Shooting fish is also very easy to play. Just as the name suggests, you just need to shoot the passing fish and earn money.

The bullets you use to shoot fish are your own money. Each fish you kill later has its own coin value. In this fish shooting, there are also 3 types of weapons that you will use to shoot fish. Each weapon also has its own advantages.