Trusted Online Capsa Susun Agent Our Recommendation For You

Capsa Susun is a gambling game that uses playing cards as a playing medium. Each player will be dealt 13 cards and these cards must be arranged in 3 levels which will be competed with other players to determine one winner. The first tier consists of 5 cards, the second tier also consists of 5 cards while the top tier only consists of 3 cards. To play capsa stacking, of course, you have to look for a trusted online capsa gambling site. This is where our job is to provide recommendations to you capsa gambling fans to determine a site to play on.

Trusted Online Capsa Susun Agent Our Recommendation For You

A trusted capsa stacking agent is one of the most important factors that can affect a player’s chances of playing capsa stacking. For most capsa gambling players, finding a trusted capsa site is not easy. In fact, it is not uncommon for a player to think that playing at a capsa stacking agent is a stroke of luck. Why lucky? Because the benefits that can be obtained are very large and the services available are also very fast and good. That’s why this capsa agent can be considered very satisfying for members who have or want to join us.

Capsa Banting Real Money Can Play Using APK

As a capsa site, real money will provide a very important role in gambling. Because you could say the capsa banting gambling game is a very popular game. Lots of fans and very easy to play. Victory can also be achieved easily by players. An online capsa banting bookie will certainly also provide the best service for its players. Because by maintaining the services of these online gambling sites, more and more enthusiasts will play at online capsa dealers. Another advantage of this capsa judi slot bet murah is that you can play using an APK (application) via your cellphone. This really helps you so that when you want to log in it is very easy.

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Order of Capsa Stacking Cards

1. Royal Flush

For fans of online poker games agen pokerdewa99, you must be familiar with the arrangement of capsa cards like this. In order to get a royal flush card arrangement, you must have 5 cards with consecutive values ​​and the same symbol. Please note, the Ace card is a requirement that you must have if you want to get a royal flush card combination.

2. Straight Flush

The combination of straight flush cards is almost similar to the arrangement of royal flush cards. Because both must have a card composition consisting of sequential values ​​and the same symbol. What distinguishes the two types of combinations is the Ace card. So to get a straight flush card arrangement, the card owned by the player must not exceed the king card.

3. 4 Of Kind

The third highest card combination is 4 of a kind. It is called a unique combination arrangement because the composition in this card arrangement consists of 4 cards of the same value. During that time, the percentage to get the arrangement of cards is not as difficult as other combinations. The following is a combination of 4 of a kind card arrangement.

4. Full House

The full house can be said to be the last card arrangement that is in the bonus combination category in the online capsa apk game . To get a full house combination is still fairly easy. Well, for those of you who don’t really understand, you can see it in the image below.

5. Flush

The flush combination can also be referred to as a derivative of the royal flush card in the online capsa game. For those of you who want to get an arrangement, you must have 5 cards that have the same symbol or symbol. The order of the cards must have an arrangement with random values ​​and not sequentially. You can see in the image below

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6. Straight

Almost the same as the arrangement of flush cards. The arrangement of straight cards is required to have 5 cards with consecutive values. Although straight is not a jackpot bonus category card. But the percentage to get this card combination is still relatively easy. For example images you can see below.

7. 3 Of Kind

The combination of 3 of a kind cards is almost the same as the arrangement of 4 of a kind cards. But the number of cards with the same value that distinguishes the two combinations. If a combination of 4 of a kind, each player is required to have the same 4 cards, then this is what distinguishes it from a 3 of a kind card. To get a 3 of a kind card, you only have to have 3 of the same card.

8. 2 Pairs

Well, for the arrangement of two pair cards, you must have often known in the online capsa stacking game. It can be said that of the many card combinations, the pair card is the arrangement that is most often obtained by capsa players.

9. 1 Pair

If you know with two pairs, of course you also know the arrangement of one pair cards. This combination, which is known as a pair of cards, has 1 set of cards with the same value in its arrangement. The placement of one pair cards is very diverse, you can find players who place them in the middle and first row in online capsa games.

For those of you who want to play capsa online, you don’t have to bother looking. Because we are a capsa stacking agent with various advantages you can try. By providing local banks such as BCA, BRI, BNI, DANAMON, MANDIRI, CIMB NIAGA and a cheap minimum deposit of 10 thousand (10000) you can immediately enjoy it on our site.

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