The Safest Online Gambling: How to Choose an Online Gambling Site

Playing on the safest online gambling site will certainly make you feel calm and comfortable, right?

Moreover, many Indonesian citizens like to play this gambling. However, in Indonesia, playing gambling is illegal or prohibited.

If you violate this rule, then you can be arrested and punished by the authorities.

But since the changing times and increasingly sophisticated technology, there have been many online gambling sites. By playing online gambling this will certainly make you more calm.

Because playing on online gambling sites, you can play it at home using only your cellphone and don’t need to gather with friends first.

Playing on this online gambling site is even more profitable than playing gambling at a land city.

But before you play on an online gambling site, you should also look at the gambling link alternatif sbobet more deeply

Because there are many safe online gambling sites, there are also many fraudulent online gambling sites who want to cheat with their players in terms of transactions.

For that you must be able to distinguish the safest online gambling site from this fraudulent online gambling site.

We will discuss how to distinguish a safe online gambling site from a canned online gambling site, aka a fraud

The Safest Online Gambling Site


Online gambling sites have become one of the media used by gambling agen 1gpoker lovers in this world.

With this online gambling site, gamblers in Indonesia no longer need to be afraid to gamble.

But with online gambling, there is also the possibility that you will fall into fraudulent gambling sites.

Are you still confused about how to tell the difference? Take it easy, this time we will tell you what are the differences that you can see from safe gambling sites and fraudsters.

Here’s how to distinguish the safest online gambling sites from fraudulent online gambling sites:

Complete Game Type

The type of game in online gambling is in fact one of your ways to tell the difference.

In online gambling sites, of course, there will be many types of games that you can play.

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This is provided by the site owner so that the players feel comfortable.

If there is an online gambling site that provides games with a small amount, you could say the site is not serious in providing online gambling services.

It can no longer be surprising isn’t it, that everyone who wants to do business, of course, must be serious about living it.

And usually safe online gambling sites will provide games like the following:

  • Sportsbook
  • Slot Games
  • Live Casino
  • Poker
  • Agile
  • Togel and Shoot fish

Safe gambling sites will provide games as above, and you can play all these games using only 1 ID.

In terms of the game, you can determine whether the gambling site is safe or not. If the site says it provides a lot of games, then you try first to open all the games.

Because there are some fraudulent sites that say they provide a lot of games, but only a few games can be opened.

Little Capital

A safe gambling site, will give you extra comfort even in terms of capital.

If there are members who want to make a small deposit and you make a large minimum deposit rule, of course this can make members suspicious and lazy to play.

If you create an online gambling site with a large minimum deposit, members can certainly think that this site wants to cheat its members’ money by making a large minimum deposit rule.

Fast Transaction Proces

In terms of transactions in online gambling, you also have to pay attention.

In online gambling, there are 2 transactions between players and dealers, namely deposits and withdrawals.

Deposit is filling balance to your account. While the withdrawal is the withdrawal of your funds.

Of course, when you make a transfer to the bookie’s account, you want to play right away, right? If you are told to wait a long time, it will definitely make you feel bad or uncomfortable.

For that you have to look for an online gambling site that is serious about making its members comfortable.

There must have been many people from online gambling players who have made withdrawals.

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How do you feel if your withdrawal takes a long time to process, you will definitely be upset, right?

A safe online gambling site will never let its members wait long. Even if there is one bank that is offline, they can still make transfers through other types of banks. It doesn’t matter if there are additional costs, the important thing is that members feel comfortable.

Because a trusted online gambling site will process deposits and withdrawals in less than 5 minutes. At least it only takes 2-3 minutes for your transaction process to be complete.

Full Paid Win

If you play small on a fraudulent gambling site, you may still get paid because it is not too big.

But what if you win up to tens of millions?

Fraudulent gambling sites will not pay for it, they will run away and take your money away.

But on a safe online gambling site, you will pay in full regardless of your winnings.

For that you have to find out the history of news about a gambling site that you want to play, both from Facebook and others.

Live Chat 24 Hours And Friendly CS

The way to distinguish a safe site from other fraudulent sites is through the attitude of CS at work.

With friendly customer service, members will also feel comfortable, of course.

The safest online gambling stus will certainly give you a live chat feature that is ready to help you if there are obstacles or obstacles while you play on their site.

CS is friendly, professional, and never forces you to play on their site, can be a factor of a safe site

That’s a sign that the site is professional because it never forces its members to play.

Because the purpose of CS is to make members feel free, not to force it, and it is the right of members to play on your site or not.

Reasonable Bonus

Bonuses are definitely the main attraction of each site. The players certainly want to get a bonus so that they also profit.

But you should never be attracted to gambling sites that offer bonuses unreasonably.

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For example, a 40% deposit bonus, but you must deposit at least 1 million.

Surely you will be interested not because the bonus is very large. Instead, you have to be careful, because they can only lure you to play on their fraudulent sites.

After you make a deposit, your money can be taken away or your bonus does not come out and given 1000 reasons by the site owner.

The bonuses that are usually given by safe gambling sites are as follows:

  1. Welcome Bonus For New Members 20%
  2. 5% Deposit Bonus
  3. Sportsbook Cash Back 10 %
  4. Rolling Casino 0.8%
  5. 1% Slot Roll
  6. IDN Poker Turn Over 0.5%
  7. 2.5% Referral Bonus

Online gambling websites will not give bonuses that are too excessive, because if it is too much, the bookie can lose a lot.

Free From Positive Internet


If you play on an online gambling website and the site is exposed to positive internet, it means that the site is not safe so it was closed by Google.

For that, look for sites that have not been exposed to positive internet.

Open 24 hours non-stop


The topic is still the same as above, namely the convenience of members.

If you have time off, surely members who want to play will be disappointed, right?

Usually online gambling sites that do time off are sites that are not serious and are just playing around.

Members’ convenience in playing alone cannot be justified, let alone members’ finances in the transaction process? Could be taken away.

Privacy Preserved

Secure sites will never leak your personal data.

different from fraudulent sites, they can sell your data and will later be used to commit crimes.

This will have an impact on you. Your personal data could be used to commit crimes such as cheating and others.

Sites like this only want to make profits without caring about the security of their members.

For that, choose the safest online gambling site so that you are not harmed by irresponsible people.

I hope you all find it helpful, and Good Luck, boss.