The Interesting Past of Slots Machines

As slots lovers, we are fascinated by history of our favourite casino game! In fact, the history of slots is a mix: a win or two here and a loss there. The first slots machines were created in Brooklyn, New York, in 1891. It was created by inventors Sittman and Pitt, with their Poker Machine. This was a fully licensed machine.

The Interesting Past of Slots Machines

They created a slot machine game consisting of five drums. To win judi slot terbaik, players would have to align the drums’ 50 card faces in the right combination. And, if they did win, the establishment would gift them with a free meal or drink as a reward.

However, even though there was no monetary payout, the player would not play free. It would cost just a nickel to play! This slot game could be found in social establishments like pubs and saloons during the American Frontier. The owners would share their collection of nickels with Sittman and Pitt.

There were several more important changes to the slots machine throughout the years. However, the most important win for slots gaming came in 1976. In this year, the Fortune Coin machine was released by Fortune Coin Co.

They wanted to be the first to play this alluring slot machine by Fortune Coin Co. So, it took little time for this type of machine to become the most popular of all the slot machines. The new hardware allowed developers to create slot games with some of the most outrageous, flamboyant themes. Themes that the likes of creators Sittmann and Pitt would never have dreamed of! From spooky horrors to Irish and Eastern Asian themed slots.

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Mobile and Online Slots

The next two biggest transformations in slots gaming were the invention of online and mobile slot games. Both of these evolutions were brought about by famous slots developers Microgaming. These new games would allow players to access or download their favourite casino gambling games. Through the evolution of the internet, this could be done from anywhere in the world at any time.

Win or lose, players loved the idea that casinos were coming into their own homes. These platforms quickly became the most popular way to play. In fact, these new ways to play slot games has caused the physical casino industry to stagnate.

Many casinos are having to find new, innovative ways to get gamblers away from their screens. And, back onto the garish carpets of their casino floors. In fact, today there are hundreds of millions of online slots casinos. They offer mobile slots, bingo and casino games for anyone of the correct age to play.