The Different Types of Slots Online

The Different Types of Slots Online

There are a wide variety of slots and they cater to players with different gaming preference. Are you a risk-taker and dream of becoming an instant millionaire or would you rather have slow and steady wins?

The Different Types of Slots Online

Let our experts tell you the best type of slots for you according to your taste

Classic slots

The mother of slots, classic slot online cq9 are sometimes called “fruit machines” because they feature fruit symbols. These slots usually only have three reels, a straight-forward gameplay, and don’t provide a lot of features. Winnings are generally not very frequent but if you do win, they can be quite substantial.

Video slots

Often having at least five reels, video slots are highly engaging with sophisticated graphics, features, and gameplay. These games adopt all sorts of popular themes deriving from pop culture, iconic characters, and blockbuster movies. If you’re looking to win with some entertainment, then video slots will be right up your alley.

Progressive slots

A progressive slot features a dynamic jackpot which doesn’t have a fixed upper limit. The cash prize starts at a base value and every time someone makes a bet on the game but doesn’t win, part of that bet gets fed into the jackpot. Large progressive jackpots often reach multiple millions of ringgit and when someone cashes it out, it will reset back to the base value before growing again. Needless to say, the chances of winning a huge progressive jackpot is small. But someone has to win it eventually, so why can’t it be you, right?

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243-payline slots

If you prefer to win slowly but steadily, then you’ll want to take a few spins on 243-payline slots. Although the name sounds complicated, playing these type of slots is actually very simple. In a standard five-reel and three-row slot, there are only 243 paylines possible and in a 243-payline slot, all possible paylines are active at all times. Therefore, as long as you match symbols from left to right in any arrangement, you’ll win. These slots typically give out small, frequent wins so it would appeal to players who don’t want to take big risks.

Take advantage of slots bonuses

While it’s wise to gain more mileage on your bankrolls by signing up for slots bonuses, not all of them are worth your time. Some bonuses come with terms and conditions that are very difficult to meet, rendering them useless and a waste of your time.