QQ Gambling Site Lots of Bonuses, Get It With This Trick

No doubt playing through qq gambling sites can indeed provide many advantages. Especially if you manage to join the best sites. Because they will provide many additional benefits, not only from winning prizes in various games. One of these advantages is from bonuses.

The bonus itself is sometimes also called a promo on a gambling site. There are several types of this promo that are most commonly found. For example referrals, new members, and cashback. This article will explain more about these three promos, as well as tips on how to benefit from them.

3 Main Bonuses in Gambling Sites and Their Rules

  1. Referral

This first promo is almost found on all qq gambling sites . Where you will get additional prizes when you successfully invite bettors to join the agent. Later the prize money will be transferred to your gambling account. Of course, the more bettors who join link alternatif youbetcash, the more prizes.

  • New Member Promo

Just as the name suggests, bettors will get bonuses when they are still members or new members. The rules themselves can be different for each agent. But the most often used is that you will get additional prizes when you make the first transaction. It can be when the first deposit or bet on the gambling site.

  • Cashback

When cashback is translated, it means a cash refund. So on gambling agen resmi sbobet, this cashback is also in the form of returning a few percent of a transaction that you make. An example of a bonus is 5% cashback with a minimum deposit of IDR 100,000. So each member deposit with this nominal, will get an additional Rp. 5,000, -.

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Tricks to get a lot of benefits from these three promos

  1. Must Understand the Rules First

The first trick that should not be missed is to read and understand the rules first. Because not all qq gambling sites use the same rules. There could be a minimum nominal, valid period, maximum prize, and so on. If you want to get more profit, read the new rules for strategizing.

  • Take advantage of the Transaction Process

In addition to new member promos and cashback, there are many other bonuses that use transactions as a reference for prizes. For example rolls, daily, weekly bonuses, and so on. So if you want to maximize rewards, take advantage of the transaction process. For example, maximizing the amount of deposits and bets. But still see how much the maximum prize.

  • Invite Many Bettors to Join Members

Well, this third trick is specifically for referral promos. That is, you can invite many bettors to join, one of which is by spreading your referral link. For example, through social media accounts, private messages, or direct invitations. This method is certainly the most effective way to maximize gifts from referrals.

Actually there are several other bonuses that you can find from gambling sites. For example rolls, weekly promos, special holiday celebrations, and others. As a member who wants a lot of benefits from it, you only need to understand the rules so you can maximize the prizes from the qq gambling site bonus .