Over 100 Italian Websites Hacked By Team Emirates

Hacking group Team Emirates reported hacking over 100 Italian websites, according to zone-h records. You can see exactly how they hacked the many websites by clicking here. The hacks were used as a statement to protest Palestine and Syria’s freedom in the conflict that ravages the world. All of the websites that were hosted on the same server which was operated on a Windows 2008 server. The hackers had uploaded a file named “by.htm” on all of the websites.

Team Emirates left this message on all of the websites:

Own3d By Team Emirates

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The Muslim response is simple, keep spreading the truth of Islam, get rid of the misconceptions and allow people to see the truth so they come to it.

The answer is not boycotts, violence, or angry tirades and threats

Free Palestine | Free syria


All Hacker Muslim )

The link above connects you with Islam house situs judi bola, which is the largest, most authentic reference to the Islamic religion on the Internet, containing nearly 150,000 files, 114 languages, and nearly 56,000 titles. The purpose of leaving this message is to hopefully lead people to the world of Islam, where they can learn why Muslim people aren’t the enemy in all of this Daftar Agen Bola Terpercaya.

A Surge of Politically Themed Hacker Defacements and Defacements Because of the Syrian Conflict

We’ve seen an explosion of hackings related to religion over the last few months, some by Swan, some by the SEA, and others with other political agendas. The goal for these particular political hackers is to overcome the religious barriers that cause undeniable conflict all over the world.

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