Not Only Capsa, There Are Various Other Game Types!

he online capsa stacking application also provides various other types of games. What are the games provided? Here’s the game.


Many of the gambling players know this poker game . This game is very popular to play.

The easy way to play and the big jackpot are the factors that make this poker game crowded.

How to play, you just have to match the 2 cards you hold with the 5 cards opened by the dealer at the table, whether they can form a card combination or not.

These 5 cards are not opened at once, but into 3 stages.

The player who has the strongest card combination will be the winner.

Domino Qiu Qiu

This domino qiu qiu game uses a domino card deck. Domino qiu qiu is also easy to play.

You only need to get a card with a maximum total of 9. For example, if you get a card with a total of more than 9, then the number taken is only the back.

When you start the game you will get 3 cards, and after that you can add another bet to take 1 more card. So in total there are 4 cards, and will be divided into 2 pairs.

Then for each pair of cards, you only have to amount to it. The player with the closest situs judi bola resmi of cards to 9 will be the winner.


This ceme game is almost similar to agen ceme keliling domino qiu qiu, only the difference is the number of cards held.

In the ceme game you only hold 2 cards and all you have to do is add up your cards.

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The player with the total number of cards close to 9 wins. But in this ceme you only focus on fighting the city.

If the player’s card is bigger than yours, you don’t have to worry, because you are only fighting the dealer.

Ceme around

What’s the difference between Ceme and Ceme around? The only difference is in the city.

If the dealer’s ceme is only 1 and cannot be replaced unless the dealer resigns or has lost.

But the traveling ceme will change the city each round of the game. This is why it is called ceme circumnavigation, because of the change in the roving city.

Sakong / Super 10

This Sakong game uses a deck of playing cards where each player will get 3 cards.

If ceme and domino qiu qiu have the highest number of 9, in contrast to this sakong which has the highest number of 0.

The calculation of card numbers in this Sakong game is also different. For Jack, Quenn, King has a value of 10 while As has a value of 1. And for other numbers it remains the same as on the card.

If your total card is more than 10, then only the back numbers are taken.

The principle in playing Sakong is almost the same as domino qiuqiu, ceme and ceme around. It’s just that the highest number values ​​are different.


If you know the game of poker, then you can also easily find out this game.

Omaha games are almost the same as poker games, the only difference being the hand cards.


If in poker each player will hold 2 cards, in Omaha you will hold 4 cards. There are even more card combinations in Omaha than poker.

Isn’t it nice with the many games provided? But you should not be in the wrong place when playing this real money online capsa application.

You have to play on the official and trusted Indonesian Capsa Susun Online Gambling site.

So how do I distinguish a trusted official from a fraudulent one?

No need to worry, because I will tell you the characteristics of a trusted online capsa stacking site