Ministry of Education Israel’s Official Website Hacked by AnonCoders

The Ministry of Education in Israel is charged with the entire oversight of public education in Israel, so this hack is no small feat. Nearly 80,000 elementary students frequent the site, as well as accumulating over 42 billion shekels annually. The AnonCoder hack team CoderSleet stated that the attack wasn’t malicious; that it was simply them doing their civic duty by testing the website’s code.

The team released a statement that said:

You Has Been Hacked by CoderSleet Team

Don’t worry we just upload our page deface

We contribute to the development of protection

We are not hackers we are just security testers

The hacking is not crime is an art

Never give up and try again to protect you web site

We are here in order to achieve our dreams

We walk on the road alone

Our goal is clear

We do not care obstacles

We do not know despair

We do not know failure

Our spirits never die

We are codersleet we are league

Expect us and respect us

The CoderSleet team even left their team names agen bola terbesar, so that other hackers could identify their efforts. Even on Windows 2012, the AnonCoder group shredded the Ministry’s website (The cache of the hacked page can be found here), showing how mistakes can be found in even the most prolific websites.

AnonCoders Activity Since Conception in 2015

AnonCoders has created a pretty prolific history for themselves. Their first Daftar Judi Online Bola were levied against other major Israeli websites in protest of crimes that they believe were committed against the Palestine people (Muslims) on behalf of Israel. In February of the same year (2015) the hackers leveled French websites in opposition to cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad in a magazine entitled “Charlie Hebdo Magazine.” They’ve also vandalized many websites in Europe and the United States (“Kentucky Republican Party’s website hacked by Anon Coders“).

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