Login 918Kiss

After your registration process is complete, it will be incomplete if you do not log in and play the available games. Meanwhile, for how to login to the main 918Kiss website, please visit the main 918Kiss website address. Then, please fill in the available fields.

If the main website address is inaccessible or experiencing problems, you can try logging in at the alternative 918kiss link. To log in via the alternative 918Kiss link is the same as logging in through the main website.

Meanwhile, the method of logging into the application is basically not much different from logging into the website. However, before you can play on the application, of course you have to download and install the 918 Kiss APK application on your smartphone device.

How To Download 918Kiss APK?

For those of you who want to play using the 918 Kiss game application, the first step you have to do is download or download the 918Kiss APK. There are 2 versions of the 918 Kiss application, namely Android and iOS.

Well, for those of you who want to download the application for Android and iOS smartphone devices, please click the download link that we have provided below.

Download Link 918 Kiss APK Android

Download Link 918 Kiss APK iOS

Those are some links that you can use to download the 918 Kiss application. Well, after the application has been successfully downloaded, the next step is in the process of installing or installing the 918Kiss application on the smartphone device you are using.

Install the 918Kiss Application

How to install or install the 918kiss situs judi slot online application , in general, is the same as installing other game applications. You only need to open the application file that you downloaded earlier, then click the “ INSTALL ” button .

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However, for those of you who are still confused or don’t know how to install this game application, please follow the installation guide, such as the following example.

How to Install 918Kiss APK for Android

  • First, open the 918 Kiss file or application that you downloaded earlier
  • Then, tap the “ Install ” or “ Install ” button
  • If the installation process is rejected, please check the permission settings to install applications from outside on the security menu available on your smartphone
  • Then, select allow
  • After that, please re-install the 918Kiss application
  • Finished

How to Install 918Kiss APK for iOS/iPhone

  • Open the 918Kiss APK file that you downloaded earlier
  • Then, tap the application, and tap ” Install “
  • If the install process fails and the statement ‘ untrusted Enterprise Developer’ appears , then please activate the application install permission on your iPhone’s settings menu
  • After the licensing process is complete,
  • So, the next step, please re-install the 918Kiss APK
  • Finished