Live22 is a game provider or online casino game provider that provides an online betting game platform. On this live22 platform, you can play a variety of online gambling games, ranging from online slot machines , shooting fish, arcade games, and live casino.

In addition to complete games, Live 22 has also provided game applications for Android and iPhone (iOS) smartphone devices. Of course, with the Live22 application, it will make it easier for players to play bets, and will provide an even better playing experience.

Currently Live 22 has become the most popular online casino game provider in Southeast Asia. Especially in Indonesia, online slot games from this game provider are one of the most sought after slot games by online gambling players.

Well, for those of you who are interested and want to try online gambling games from  this game provider . So the first step you have to do is create an ID (account) first, yes. Check out how to register for Live22, below!

How to Register Live22

Making  a Live22 ID agen slot88 itself is quite easy and practical, you can choose a variety of ways to register. And here are three ways to register a Live 22 account:

  1. Register directly on the ” REGISTER ” menu on the official agent site
  2. Register with the help of the authorized agent Customer Service (CS) team
  3. Confirm registration through the official contact of the Live22 agent

Why do the three ways of registering above lead to registering through an authorized agent? Because, the main site is used only for playing bets. Meanwhile, account registration, account balance replenishment (Deposit), winning balance withdrawal (Withdraw) can only be done through Live 22 official agent sites.

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So, if you want to create an  ID,  please register through an official agent, for example with MarkasJudi.

Register Form

In addition to the three ways to register that have been described previously, you can also register directly by filling out the following Live 22 registration form:

And here is a guide for filling out the Live22 registration form above.


  • H/P Number: enter your active phone number
  • Account Owner Name:  enter the full name according to your bank savings account book
  • Select Bank: choose the savings bank you use
  • Account Number: enter the bank savings account number
  • Your contacts: choose the type of chat contact  you use
  • Contacts: enter  your chat contact ID or number  , such as (Whatsapp, Line, Wechat, or Telegram)
  • Select Game: choose ” Live22 ” or choose another name, if you want to play  another game provider

Please complete the registration form by entering correct and valid data, then click ” Submit “. After that, wait for a while, less than 5 minutes you will receive a reply in the form of  Username /  ID and  Password which we will send via the contact you registered earlier.

However, if you have waited a long time and have not received a reply, then please confirm your registration via the official contact of the CS MarkasJudi team – the official agent of Live22 Indonesia, as follows:

All of the above contacts are active every day (24 hours  non-stop ). So, whenever you need help, the CS MarkasJudi team will be there for you.

Why Choose Live22 List on MarkasJudi ?

MarkasJudi is the largest and most trusted online gambling site in Indonesia. With MarkasJudi , you can play various online gambling games, such as soccer gambling, online slot machines, shooting fish, live casino, and many others.

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In addition, MarkasJudi also collaborates with several well-known online casino game providers in Asia, one of which is Live22.

Therefore, if you want to play online gambling bets, especially Live 22 games. Then please join MarkasJudi. By joining MarkasJudi, you can get various attractive benefits and abundant bonuses.

And here are the benefits that you can get when you become a MarkasJudi member:

  1. Account registration ( ID ) is free
  2. Collaborate with  well-known online casino game providers
  3. Has a high level of security system
  4. Site address that is easy to access and the latest alternative links are available
  5. Provides game applications for Android smartphones and iPhone
  6. There is a customer support service that is  online 24 hours non-stop
  7. Team  Customer Service (CS) is a professional and friendly
  8. Super fast deposit and  withdrawal transaction process
  9. Attractive and easy to claim bonus promotions
  10. No matter how many wins the player gets, they must be paid

Those are some of the benefits that you can get when you join MarkasJudi. So what are you waiting for? Hurry up and register for a live 22 account now, and get a special bonus for new members!