How to Win Capsa Susun: Tips & Tricks to Win Playing Capsa

Often lose playing capsa? Playing capsa stacking is easy, it’s just that winning it is a little difficult. This time we will discuss how to win capsa stacking.

Many of you must often think that playing capsa only relies on luck from the cards you get.

But capsa stacking does not rely too much on luck, because the one who can make you win is yourself.

For that, we will tell you how to win playing capsa stacking so that you don’t keep losing.

For those of you who don’t know how to play capsa stacking, first read our previous agen resmi sbobet.

Because it’s impossible for you to read how to win this capsa stacking but don’t know how to play it.

How to Win Playing Capsa Susun

Capsa Susun is a game that requires high skill.

why do you need high skill? because this agen poker338a capsa stacking is a game that uses high strategy in playing.

You have to properly arrange the cards while playing.

Arrange them can not be arbitrary, you must use a combination of strong cards.

When compiling you have to really pay attention to each card position and make the best use of the existing cards.

For example, you can form 1 combination of straight flush cards, but you will only have strength at the bottom, while the arrangement above has a bad combination.

But you can divide evenly by not making this straight flush card combination. If you do not form a straight flush, the combination above will have a card combination even though it is not as strong as a straight flush.

Therefore, it all depends on whether you want to be strong in only one arrangement or evenly share the strength of each card arrangement.

To win playing capsa stacking, there are also several ways that you think are useless.

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However, this way of playing is indeed often used by professional players when playing capsa stacking.

Tips & Tricks to Win Playing Capsa

Make Money Limit Before Playing.

Before you start playing capsa stacking, it’s a good idea to spend the money you really want to use to play capsa stacking.

If you put all the money you have into the betting table, and suddenly you lose, you will definitely use all the money you have to play.

This is very often done by gambling lovers who end up giving a deep defeat.

But you should never occasionally play this capsa stacking gambling using your personal savings which is usually used to meet your daily needs.

You must set aside money that you specifically use for gambling, because gambling is also a hobby.

So you set aside money to fulfill your desire to run your hobby.

With the existence of special money to play this gambling, it has a very pronounced effect for the lovers of this stacked capsa gambling.

You become more relaxed while playing. Why relax?

Because if there is a loss, you do not use your own personal money.

so make your special savings to play this capsa stacking gambling.

Casual Play

Playing casually has become a common thing to do when playing capsa stacking, not even just capsa stacking, but all types of gambling games.

What is meant by playing casually is not to immediately place a bet with a large nominal.

Play with long-term thinking.

For example, if you have a capital of 100,000, don’t immediately place a bet of 50,000.

Because if you play with a bet of 50,000, then you only have 2 lives.

If you lose 2 times, then your capital will run out right?

But if you play with a bet of 20,000 per game round, then you have 5 lives.

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Even if you have lost 2 times, you still have a chance to win.

Don’t ever think you want to win a lot quickly.

But think about how to win the game regardless of time.

Of course, by playing casually, you have a big chance of winning, right?

Instead of you playing with big bets but having a small chance of winning because the risk is big.

Improve Playing Skills

This is the absolute winning factor in playing capsa stacking.

Many people who play this capsa stacking gambling only have the knowledge of knowing how to play.

Because it’s useless you know how to play but never practice it often.

To win playing capsa stacking, you can’t just have to know how to play.

You also have to have experience playing and get the feel of playing capsa stacking.

When you are still a beginner who only knows how to play. Surely you will still be stiff or unfamiliar with the game.

Just like you know how to play billiards, you just need to push the ball. But when you play live, it will definitely be stiff and can’t even play it.

For that, often play this stacking capsa and use a special strategy that you think is effective to win the game.

Invite your friends to play with you so you can get the feel of playing.

Find a table that fits your budget

When you come to a casino or play online gambling, never play at a table with a minimum bet that doesn’t fit your budget.

This is the same as the method of winning above.

Because if you play with a large minimum budget but your capital is small, then your capital will run out quickly.

For example, if you have a capital of 100,000 and play at a table with a minimum bet of 50,000, then your chances of playing when you lose are only 2 times.

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But if you play at a table with a bet of 10,000, then you can play 10 times. And in 10 times it’s also impossible that you will lose continuously right?

Create a Winning Target

Very few people use this method.

Because many people play continuously even though they have won a lot.

Many Indonesian people are greedy or want to win a lot.

Even though by making this victory target, you can win every day, but the playing skills must be good too.

For example, you have set a winning target of 500,000 and you have achieved it, then you just stop and win.

It’s different if you don’t make a winning target, if when you have won 500,000, and you continue to play.

It could be that your victory turned into a defeat and finally your victory was lost.

Move Betting Table

When you feel that you are losing in a row and only get very few good cards, you can just switch tables to try new opponents.

Of course, by changing tables you get a new feel and try new cards and players.

This method is often done by many people and in fact can have a useful effect in achieving victory in playing this stacking capsa.

But we don’t force you to believe it or not. However, we believe this can help you in achieving victory.

You do how to win playing capsa above well. How to win capsa stacking above is indeed often considered useless directly in getting victory.

However, the above factors work passively or indirectly you will feel it.

I think that’s the only way to win playing capsa stacking that I can tell all of you lovers of this stacking capsa gambling. Hope you all do well.