How To Play Ceme For Beginners To Quickly Understand

Playing gambling is something Indonesian people like. One of the favorite games is ceme gambling. But do you know how to play this ceme.

Ceme gambling is very liked by many people in Indonesia, even by foreigners.

Instead of taking a long time, let’s get into the topic of our discussion this time about how to play ceme.

How to Play Ceme How?

Ceme is a game that uses a domino card deck.

Well, the domino deck also consists of 28 cards.

Each player will get 2 cards, but before you get the 2 cards, you must place your bet first.

Have you ever played domino qiu qiu? if you know how to play domino qiu qiu, then it is certain that you can easily find out how to play this agen sakong.

This ceme game is almost the same as domino qiu qiu.

It’s just that in the domino qiu qiu game using 4 cards while ceme only uses 2 cards.

In the ceme game there is also 1 dealer, where the value of your card will only be compared to that of the dealer.

So you don’t need to care about the cards belonging to other players, you only need to pay attention to the dealer’s cards.

As with other players, other players only fight the dealer’s cards.

But for those who have never played dominoes at all, we will tell you judi online terpercaya about the domino deck first so you don’t get confused.

Knowing the Domino Card Deck

  1. 0 points or blank: there are a total of 7 cards of which one side must be empty or both sides are empty without any contents.
  2. 1 point: there are a total of 6 cards of which there must be 1 large circle or both sides which have 1 large circle.
  3. 2 points: in total there are 5 cards of which there must be 2 circles or both sides have 2 circles.
  4. 3 dots: in total there are 4 cards of which there must be 3 circles or both sides have 3 circles.
  5. 4 dots: a total of 3 cards of which there must be 4 circles or both sides have 4 circles.
  6. 5 dots: a total of 2 cards, of course there are 5 circles and both sides have 5 circles.
  7. 6 dots: there is a total of 1 card that has 6 dots on the top and bottom and is often called balak 6.
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For example, like the picture above.

After you know the deck of playing cards, you just need to know the stage of playing in this ceme game.

  • Placing a Bet
    You must place a bet at least according to the minimum limit to place a bet. For example, there is a ceme dealer who sets a minimum bet of 5,000, then you also have to place a bet of at least 5,000,
  • Cards Will Be Divided By The Dealer
    After you place a bet, the dealer will distribute 2 cards to each player who places a bet, at this time you will also be given time to peek at your own card.
  • Complaining Card Value
    After you peek at the card, then your card will be competed with the dealer’s card. The card with the highest value will be the winner.

What is the highest card value? You don’t worry, we will discuss down to the roots about how to play this ceme.

Calculation of Ceme Card Value

We have said above if you know how to play domino qiuqiu, then you can easily find out how to play ceme.

The highest value in the game of ceme is 9, the same as domino qiu qiu.

The player who has the closest number of cards to 9 will be the winner.

But if your card is more than 9, then all you need to do is remove the 1 digit number in front of it.

For example, if you get a total card value of 15, then the first digit is removed and becomes 5.

Therefore the value of your card is 5.

It’s easy to calculate, isn’t it? how to play this ceme is indeed very easy to remember and simple.

In determining the winner in the ceme game, it is not only with the card value closest to 9.

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Indeed, the card with close to 9 can be the winner, but what if the card value is the same?

How to Determine Victory in the Ceme Game

The highest card value in the ceme game is 9, but what if the player’s card value with the dealer has the same value?

This is the determination of victory in the ceme game.

  • Greater Player Card Value:  If the player’s card value is greater than the dealer’s card, then the player will be declared the winner and the dealer must pay according to the player’s bet nominal.
  • Bigger Dealer Card : If the dealer’s card value is greater than the player’s card, then the dealer has the right to take the player’s money.
  • Series Card Value:  Well, if the dealer’s card value with the player is tied, then the dealer wins the game. So if the dealer gets the total card value of 9, then the dealer can immediately take all of the player’s money.

But there is 1 thing you need to remember if you win by getting a card value of 9.

If you get a card value of 9, then you get 2 times the value of your bet by the dealer

But if the dealer gets qiu (9), then the dealer immediately takes all your bet money.

Why is that ? because the highest value is 9, and even if the value is a draw, the dealer still wins the game.

So the dealer automatically takes all your bets.

There is one thing that makes this ceme game interesting, namely the jackpot.

In this ceme game there is a jackpot that you can achieve if you have the required combination of cards.

To form this jackpot also requires 4 cards, even though you only hold 4 cards.

The trick is that you will combine your card with the dealer’s card.

And to get this jackpot, you have to buy the jackpot ticket first.

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If you are a player, then you only need to buy the jackpot for yourself.

But unlike the bookie, the dealer must buy the jackpot for all players including himself.

It looks more loss, it’s just that the chance to get the jackpot is getting bigger.

Want to know what card combinations are used to get this jackpot?

Ceme Jackpot Card Combination

Six Gods (6666)

Just like the name of this card combination, which is 6 gods, then you need a card that has a card number of 6.

And for cards that have a total value of 6 there are only 4 cards.

Because there are 4 cards that have 6, therefore you must have 2 cards totaling 6 and the dealer must have 2 cards totaling 6.

Twin Figures (Balak)

Twin numbers or logs mean cards that have the same number on both sides.

To get this jackpot, you must have 2 cards, each card has twin numbers as well as the dealer.

So, your total 4 cards will belong to the dealer with all twin numbers.

Small Pure

You can get a pure small, if the player’s card with the dealer does not exceed 9.

Pure Big

If there was a small pure, then this big pure is only the opposite of a small pure.

To get this pure big, the value of the player’s card with the dealer must be more than 39.

Isn’t it easy to play this ceme? only need to open your 2 cards and count the numbers.

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I think it’s enough to get here about how to play this ceme.

It is certain that all of you can quickly catch how to play this ceme.

I hope you are all helped by this article.