How to Play Capsa Susun

How to Play Capsa Susun – queenpoker99 provides How to Play Capsa Susun with the cheapest deposit of 10 thousand, the largest new member bonus of 10%, 1 id for 6 games, online 24 hours

You  need to know how to play Capsa Susun if you want to win this game. without knowing the basic rules, you can’t play this game right? Understanding the rules of the game is a must and absolute prerequisite before competing. Therefore you should read this game guide. So below, we provide some tips for playing the capsa stacking game very easily and practically so that you can play easily and win fast.

The capsa stacking game is basically a card game with the intention of getting a winner. Now the winner is the person who has the least number of cards in his hand or the person who doesn’t even have a card. How to play Capsa Susun is very different from Capsa Susun Online situs judi gaple susun. Maybe you also know the meaning of capsa stacking, now the game is indeed similar but the way it works is very different. In the capsa stacking game, there are players who will also hold three diamonds who will also start the game with either single or combined cards. Now the player on his right will also get a turn after that and so on. Each player who plays cards must beat the player first to issue a card or combination that is greater or the same until a round where there is only one player bandar casino terpercaya does not match or cannot beat the card first. The highest card is number 2 and the lowest is number 3. The arrangement of cards in this game includes the top card spade – heart – club – diamond.

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How to Play Capsa Susunthat is by beating the card first. So easy isn’t it? For example, to beat a combination of 2 cards, for example a four of a kind card plus one free card and a straight flush. Decreasing the value of card 2 can be done in the game if 2 cards can be done by four of a kind or straight flush. All the remaining 2 cards in this game will also be the smallest number. Another rule that must be understood from the capsa stacking game is dragon win. Well this means to give A-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-JKQ which will also win soon in the game. Now other players will also be considered lost if you have a card arrangement like this. Then how to calculate the win value for the Capsa Susun game? The calculation of this game begins with one player using 13 cards. Gold winners will also be calculated based on the room bet multiplied by the total points and winning pints. Now, for gold players, the defeat will be calculated by the room bet multiplied by the total points and winning points.