How to Play Capsa Susun for Beginners

The name capsa Susun itself is taken from the way it is played.

Capsa has 13 meanings, and stacking means arranged.

So capsa stacking means 13 cards arranged.

Capsa Susun is played by a maximum of 4 people and a minimum of 2 people.

Each player will get 13 cards and then they will arrange the cards.

Compiling this stacking capsa card also consists of 3 arrangements. The following is the arrangement for playing capsa stacking.

Card Arrangements in the Capsa Susun Game

  • Bottom
    The bottom arrangement consists of 5 cards that you must arrange with the strongest card combination. Because this lowest arrangement has the most points than the others. Therefore the composition of this bottom must be strong in order to win with high points.
  • Middle Section
    For this middle section also consists of 5 cards. This arrangement of cards is weaker than the bottom. Why is that, because the point in the middle is smaller than the bottom, so you have to focus on the bottom first.
  • Upper part
    Unlike the lower part, this upper arrangement only consists of 3 cards. And this top card arrangement is just like a place to put leftover or unused cards because the top arrangement has small points.

It’s not easy in this stacking capsa game, it just needs to be arranged like the method above.

There is also something you need to remember. If you arrange the cards wrong, then your card is considered forfeited.

The arrangement of the bottom card must be stronger than the middle, the arrangement of the middle card must be stronger than the top.

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Later the card arrangement must also be filled with a strong card combination in order to agen slot online terbaik.

I will also explain the combination of cards used to make your card arrangement strong and win.

Royal Flush

The Royal flush combination is the strongest card combination in the capsa stacking game. This card combination requires 5 cards with the same symbol or image. The 5 cards are 10, Jack, Quenn, King and Ace daftar poker online. So the same means you have to have 5 consecutive. If you have this combination of cards, then you can confidently win the round of the game. For example: 10, Jack, Quenn, King , As (Heart) .

Straight Flush

Almost the same as the royal flush, this straight flush must also have 5 consecutive cards. But the 5 cards don’t have to be 10, Jack, Quenn, King, and Ace. It can be any as long as the cards are in sequence and the symbols are the same. For example: 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 (Curly) .

Four Of A Kind

To get this 4 of a kind, you must have 4 cards with all the same numbers. Later these 4 cards with the same number will be combined with 1 random card or just as decoration. Examples are: A, A, A, A with 8 .

Full House

This Full house combination is a combination of 3 cards with the same number and 2 cards with the same number. For example you have cards: K, K , K with 10, 10.


This flush card combination only requires 5 cards with the same image. The numbers don’t matter, the important thing is that the pictures are the same. For example, you can see like the picture above. No numbers are the same, only the pictures are the same.

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To get this card combination, you must have 5 cards in sequence without the need for the same image. because if the picture is the same, the name is not flush anymore. For example: 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 , 6 .

Three Of A Kind

Above there was a combination of 4 of a kind cards, this time there is something called 3 of a kind. 3 of a kind is a combination of 3 cards with the same number plus 2 additional cards. These 2 cards do not have the same number. For example: Jack, Jack, Jack with 5, 8 .

Double Pair

This Double Pair Card Combination or often called two pair consists of 2 pairs of cards plus 1 decorative card only. Each pair of these cards must have the same number. So the total card used to form this double pair card combination is 5. For example: 6, 6 with 10, 10 and King.


If in a double pair there are 2 pairs of cards with the same number, then the pair is only a pair of cards with the same number. For example: As, As

High Card

Actually this high card is not a combination of cards. This high card only pits the highest card. And the highest card in the capsa stacking game is Ace.

Above is a combination of cards used in the capsa stacking game.

This card combination will determine your victory when playing.

But there are still card combinations that are often referred to as god cards or special cards.

Because if you get this card arrangement, then the victory immediately falls to you.

What is the arrangement of the cards in this god card? Here’s the arrangement of the god cards kartu

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