How to MEGA WIN Pragmatic Play

How to MEGA WIN Pragmatic Play

Two teaspoons of lounge music, several points of glitz and glamor and, finally, a lucky bag launched above it all. Slag Fire Strike Pragmatic Play Slot Malaysia can carry all the features of a fruit machine, but there are some elements that distinguish it from many other slots in that category. With a 5 × 3, 10-payline reel matrix, it’s more than a hybrid, and with the expanded format comes the opportunity to incorporate even higher winning potential than you can ever use.

Playing from RM0.10 to RM50 per round on all devices, the Fire Strike is a medium variance slot that is stripped of rhythmic and fast-paced games. No free spin to hunt here. Instead, the goal is to land as many Firestrike symbols on the reels in a single spin, something that can lead to a potentially life-changing experience.

How to MEGA WIN Pragmatic Play

Strike Fire is not the most sophisticated slot online pragmatic we’ve ever seen, but it has a lot of charm to it. Empowered by fiery reds, you are cast into the depths of hell where lava lakes, flames, and lounges ring lounges. The animated fire you’ll see on the horizon is undoubtedly catchy, but wait until you win big – that’s when things get hot.

Turning on the roll you will see as many as 12 different common symbols. These include seven lucky triples, a single bar, two, and three, dice, playing cards, casino tokens, bankrolls, and green diamonds. The top three pay symbols are represented by the seven lucky blue, purple, and red – these 5 types will give you 30, 50, or 100 times your interest. The symbol of Firestrike with the word “wild” written in its entirety is, of course, wild. It replaces all other symbols, looks stacked on all rolls, and generates 200 times your interest for 5 across the full pay line.

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Inspired by the classic fruit machine, there is not much that can be reported in terms of features. It’s all about the Firestrike Bonus here that basically goes down as a symbol of Firestrike possible in a single round.

As you can see, the Fire Strike is simple and quite similar to many of the other fruit slots we’ve seen in the past. What sets it apart is its long spindle format and great potential. Though you have to remind yourself that you can’t possibly land the 25,000x jackpot. And speaking of potential, Pragmatic Play has a lot to prove when it comes to advertising max. In the past, the studio had very high potential in games such as Da Vinci’s Treasure (48,000x), and Extra Juicy (60,000x), but it seemed to be smoke and mirrors as we see even 1/3 of the surface mentioned everywhere, where the potential is.