How to Download Mega888 APK

You can get the game application by downloading it via the Mega888 download link on the site. In addition, you can also get download links through official agent sites, for example on the MarkasJudi site .

Mega 888 has provided 2 versions of the game application for smartphone devices, namely the Android version and the iOS version. So, make sure you download the application according to the system of the smartphone device you are using. Please click on the following image to download the application:

Mega888 Andoird APK Download Link

Mega888 iPhone / iOS APP Download Link

After the application is successfully downloaded, the next step is to install or  install the application on your smartphone device. Check out the explanation on how to  install Mega 888 below!

How to Install Mega888 on Android & iPhone

For how to install or  install  the Mega888 application, it is generally the same as other game applications. You just need to open the application file that you downloaded earlier, then click the “ Install ” button .

However, if you are still confused or find problems in the process of  installing the Mega 888 application, please follow the installation guide below.

How to Install Mega 888 APK on Android Smartphone

  1. First, open the Mega888 APK file that you downloaded earlier
  2. Then, tap the “ Install ” or “ Install ” button
  3. If the application installation process is rejected, please check the permission settings to install external applications (third parties) on the security menu of your smartphone
  4. Go to ” Sources in the know ” or ” Unknown Sources ” then tap allow
  5. After that, please re-install the application
  6. Finished
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How to Install Mega888 APP on iPhone

  1. Open the Mega888 APP application file that you downloaded earlier
  2. Then open the application, then tap ” Install “
  3. If the install process is rejected and the statement ‘ Untrusted Enterprise Developer ‘ appears , then please activate the permission to install external applications on your iPhone’s settings menu
  4. Enter the Device Management menu menu
  5. Then select  Company Name
  6. After that, tap “ Trust Company Name ”
  7. Finally, tap ” Trust “
  8. Finished

After the Mega 888 agen sbobet terpercaya application has been successfully installed, please try to open and run the application. Then, enter the  Login ID /  Username (account name) and  Password (password) for the Mega888 account that you already have.

So what are you waiting for? Hurry up and play mega888 now and try to feel the sensation of playing online gambling which is better than other platforms.