Indonesia’s official & trusted real money online betting capsa stacking is certainly a medium used by bettors to play online capsa stacking gambling.

With this real money online capsa stacking gambling, bettors will find it easier to play this stacked capsa stacking game.

The capsa stacking game itself is in great demand by many people. But there are still some people who still don’t know how to play this online capsa stacking.

For that we will tell you how to play capsa stacking online properly and correctly.

How to play capsa stacking is actually easy to understand, it’s just that forming a strategy that must be careful.

Surely many of you already know this capsa stacking game, right?

But for beginners who want to try playing capsa stacking, we will tell you how to play capsa stacking.

Guide on How to Play Capsa Susun Online Gambling

Before we get into how to play Capsa Susun agen dewapoker99, we will tell you the basic knowledge that must be mastered before playing Capsa Susun.

What is the basic knowledge? The basic knowledge is about the deck of playing cards used in playing capsa stacking.

In playing cards have 4 different images or symbols, and each image has a different value and sequence as well.

We will explain in more detail below.

Order of Playing Card Decks in Capsa Susun

In 1 deck of playing cards, there are 52 cards and different symbols.

The symbol also has a different order alias has the power of each.

For those who don’t know about the order in the deck of playing cards, we will tell you akun slot online.

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This diamond in Indonesia is more often called a diamond. This diamond has a symbol shaped like a red parallelogram that is enforced. This diamond itself is the symbol of the smallest or weakest card in a playing deck.


If I mention clubs, even players who often play capsa may be confused. This club is called curly in Indonesia. Club or curly has a black crest. These curls are even stronger than diamonds.


Heart is an English word which means heart. Therefore, this heart is in the shape of a red heart and is the symbol of the card with the second strongest card sequence.


Almost the same as curly, if we say spade, surely many do not know what spade is. Spades are often referred to as spades. The spade itself is the most powerful card symbol sequence. The shape of this shovel is like a clover.


Each symbol on playing cards also has its numbers.

The numbers are sequentially starting from 2, 3, 4 and so on until 10 and followed by Jack, Quenn, King, As.

The sequence of numbers above starts from 2 (smallest) to As (largest).

After you know the basics in the capsa stacking game, then you just have to move on to how to play it.