Diabetes is also one of the causes of dry eyes

diabetes is also one of the causes of dry eyes – as we know our eyes often feel dry and sore which we think is a common thing but it turns out that one of them can also be caused by diabetes.

Dry eye syndrome, also known as keratoconjunctivitis sicca (KCS), is a burning, sore or itchy eye condition. One of the causes is the lack of tear production, which causes problems in the lubrication of the eyes which are usually used to lubricate the eyes, reduce the risk of eye infections, remove foreign objects in the eyes, and keep the eye surface clear.

People who have a history of high blood pressure will more often experience dry eyes. This is because drugs to treat hypertension contain beta blockers and are diuretic. Beta blockers have the side effect of reducing fluid production in the eye. So, the content of drugs used to treat high blood pressure can cause dry eyes. In addition, drinking acne medication, oral contraceptives, Parkinson’s drugs can also trigger dry eyes daftar idnplay poker99

When diabetes is not controlled, progressive damage to nerves can occur. Polyneuropathy, a common form of diabetes-induced nerve damage, can injure nerve tissue in more than one part of the body, including the cornea (the front layer of the eye). This will interfere with tear Agen Online Terpercaya, making you blink less frequently, which means the tears are more easily evaporated. that three-quarters of people with diabetes and neurological damage have dry eyes, compared with 44 percent of diabetic patients, but no neurological problems, and less than 30 percent of people without diabetes. Overall, more than half of diabetic patients have dry eyes.

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Photocoagulation or cryopexy surgery is a treatment that can be done to treat complications of diabetes in this eye. However, not all operations are successful in restoring normal vision. There is still a risk of experiencing vision loss or even permanent vision loss.