Card Calculation Rules In DominoQQ Online

To play dominoqq, players are required to know the basic method of calculating cards first. Because dominoqq is a gambling game that is unique in terms of playing. The player has 4 cards in the end and all of these cards will be pitted against the highest value in the dominoqq game of course.

Understanding the card calculation rules in the online dominoqq gambling game is very important. We must understand very well how to calculate to determine win or lose in online dominoqq gambling games. Therefore, it is very important to understand the rules of the game, especially about card counting. The following is an explanation of the dominoqq card calculation .

A. Brief Explanation of Dominoqq . Card Calculation Rules

Dominoqq situs judi poker online card calculation is actually very easy. We only need to use a few simple ways to get the card with the highest value. It’s a good idea to understand what the card calculation rules are in the dominoqq game. Here is the explanation.

1. Calculation Based on 9 . Card

The calculation of this dominoqq game is based on a combination of 9 cards. Bettors will get 4 dominoes. The bettor must arrange the cards so that they become a combination of numbers that have a value of 9. The only way is to add up the cards until there is a value of 9 in it. One pair must have a card with a value of 9.

Another pair of cards can be of any value. But if you want to win, the other pair of cards must have a value of 9 as well. That is, a bettor has two pairs of cards with a value of 9 which is also known as qiu qiu. It is the card with the highest value in the dominoqq game.

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But the second pair of cards doesn’t really matter if you can’t get to 9. Other numbers can also be used to win. In essence, the first pair must have a value of 9. That way, the chances of taruhan bola terpercaya are even greater.

2. Calculation Without Card 9

What if the four cards we have do not have a card with a value of 9? The calculations are still there. The cards must be added up to form the highest number and approach 9. For example to the number 8, 7 or 6. The second pair of cards is added in the same way. Later, you will get a combination of cards without the number 9.

In the domino99 game itself, it is very rare for non 9 number combinations to appear when bettors are playing. When you get a non qiu card, you shouldn’t have to continue playing or just fold.

B. Online Dominoqq Card Order

After knowing the calculation rules, now is the time to look at the order of dominoqq cards with the highest to lowest values. The following is a sequence of online dominoqq card calculations from the highest to the lowest.

1. Qiu Qiu

As explained earlier, this qiu – qiu is a combination of cards with a value of 9 and 9. This combination is the card with the highest value as well as the most powerful.

2. Qiu 8

In this type of qiu 8 card, a bettor has a combination of pairs of cards that are worth 9 and 8. The strength is just below qiu qiu or 9 and 9.

3. Qiu 7

Next is qiu 7. As the name suggests, this card combination consists of pairs of cards 9 and 7 in the dominoqq game.

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4. Qiu 6

Then there is qiu 6 which is a combination of 9 with 6 cards. This card is under qiu 7 and qiu 8.

5. Qiu 5

Next is the qiu 5 card combination. This combination consists of four cards that make up the numbers 9 and 5.

6. Qiu 4

Then there is qiu 4 which if translated is a combination of cards that have a value of 9 and also 4.

7. Qiu 3

Next there is a qiu card 3 which is a combination of cards with a value of 9 and 3. This is a type of qiu card with a low value.

8. Qiu 2

Then there is the qiu 2 card in the form of four dominoes that form the numbers 9 and 2.

9. Qiu 1

The last type of qiu card is qiu 1. This type has a total value of 9 and 1.

10. Non Qiu

The last combination is a non qiu card. This is the weakest card. Because, there is no 9 card value in this combination.

That was the explanation of the online dominoqq card calculation that novice bettors must understand. For those who want to get profits and wins in online dominoqq gambling games, then always pay attention to the correct card calculation rules.