10 Common Causes of Toothache A Sign of Tooth Damage

10 Common Causes of Toothache A Sign of Tooth Damage – Toothache is very excruciating due to the pain and aches it causes. Various causes of toothache can be experienced by everyone due to certain factors including the presence of symptoms of diseases related to teeth and mouth. This condition can affect anyone, especially those with sensitive teeth.

Toothache is a condition that occurs when the area around the tooth experiences pain and tenderness. This condition can attack the teeth such as nerves and gums. As a result, the pain that feels very painful can be felt by the sufferer to interfere with their daily activities. Toothache can be a sign of damage to the tooth that causes pain.

In certain conditions, toothache requires immediate treatment to prevent further risks. There are various causes of toothache that are commonly experienced with certain symptoms. Launching from various sources, the main causes of toothache can be caused by bacterial infections that cause problems such as cavities.

However, Situs Daftar Judi Sbobet in addition to bacterial infection which is known to be the main cause, toothache can also be triggered by a variety of certain factors. The common causes of toothache are listed below. For more details, see the following reviews related to the causes of common toothaches summarized from various sources.

1. The Wrong Toothbrush
The first cause of toothache can occur due to the activity of the wrong toothbrush. In this case, toothache can be experienced due to improper tooth cleaning. Although it is very important to pay attention to dental hygiene, brushing your teeth with strong pressure can actually cause health problems for the teeth, especially the gums.
Because this will make the gums inflamed and even bleed to trigger toothache. Continuously applying too much pressure to the teeth can make the teeth unstable and cause excessive pain.

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2. Chewing on something hard
The next cause of toothache can be experienced by everyone because of chewing something hard. One of them is chewing ice cubes which have a hard and cold texture. This condition can cause tooth enamel to break down and cause teeth to crack and even become brittle. As a result, pain will arise due to chewing ice cubes. Especially if you are the owner of sensitive teeth and cavities, Daftar Bola Online cubes can trigger excessive pain in your teeth.

3. Tooth Cavities
The next cause of toothache can occur due to having cavities. As is known, the problem of cavities is quite common for everyone with various symptoms that arise. One of the most common is the emergence of a painful pain.
The problem of cavities is said to be the main problem that causes pain in the teeth. This condition can be felt by the sufferer for some time so that it can interfere with daily activities. Further examination is needed to address the problem of cavities will prevent other risks.

4. Excessive Exercise
Although physical activity such as exercise is very good for the body, excessive amounts of it can trigger various health problems. One of them is the problem of toothache that occurs due to tooth erosion. A study in the Scandinavian Journal of Medicine & Science in Sports found that triathletes who performed resistance training had a greater risk of tooth erosion than those who did not exercise.
This condition can be triggered by a dry mouth that causes cavities because it becomes a breeding ground for bacteria. Because exercise and dry mouth problems are related, it can potentially make the body not hydrated enough.

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5. Often Grinding Teeth
The cause of toothache can also be triggered by the habit of grinding teeth frequently. This condition can cause pain in the jawbone, joints, headaches and even cracked and chipped teeth. Teeth grinding is also known as bruxism which usually occurs when a person sleeps. Consultation with a doctor is needed to treat toothache due to grinding teeth, including giving a special mouth guard when sleeping.

6. Broken Tooth Fillings
The cause of toothache that can be experienced by some people can also be triggered by damaged dental fillings. If the filling is damaged, it makes the part more sensitive to various activities such as chewing, temperature changes and bacterial infections. This condition can cause pain in the teeth to feel very painful and tingling. Consultation with a doctor is needed to overcome the damage to dental fillings and prevent toothache.

7. Sensitive to Temperature
Another common cause of toothache is sensitivity to certain temperatures. For example, when you eat or drink something cold and hot, it can cause toothache and pain due to having sensitive teeth. This condition can occur because the tooth enamel has been damaged to make the dentin of the tooth exposed. As a result, aches and pains can be caused because the teeth are sensitive to temperature.

8. Injury To Teeth
Tooth pain can also arise from an injury to the tooth. This injury can occur due to several things such as exercise, falling, and biting something hard. This condition can be felt over time, especially if it is not treated immediately. An examination with a doctor is necessary to treat toothache caused by a tooth that is brittle or cracked due to an injury.

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9. Tooth Abscess
Tooth abscess is one of the causes of toothache that can happen to anyone. This condition occurs due to tooth decay that has invaded the roots under the teeth to cause infection. So aches and pains may be caused by a tooth abscess. Further examination and consultation is needed to overcome the problem of dental abscess experienced. Launching from various sources, there are various symptoms that may arise from a tooth abscess such as fever, swollen gums and tooth pain that spreads to the ears, neck, and jaw.

10. Dry Mouth
The next cause of toothache can be experienced due to dry mouth conditions. This situation can trigger toothache due to reduced production of saliva which is important for dental health. Saliva itself can help maintain healthy teeth and prevent tooth decay. One of the causes of dry mouth can be experienced due to several factors such as dehydration. For this reason, it is necessary to keep the body hydrated in order to prevent this health disorder.

So that’s 10 common causes of toothache, a sign of tooth decay. Further examination is needed to treat toothache so that it can be prevented as early as possible.